16 January 2009, Klassikaraadio
21:15 – 24:00 (local time in Tallinn)

Andres Noormets, Taavi Kerikmäe and Mart Soo will improvise on four themes at 19.50 GMT (21.50 local time)

19.50 GMT (21.50 local time)

Andres Noormets, Taavi Kerikmäe and Mart Soo will improvise on four themes (a 5 minutes) or on topics suggested by listeners of the live broadcast. Telephone in the studio: +3726114285.

1. The radio will wake up Europe.
2. While people are sleeping, the economy is falling apart.
3. The Moon is speaking in every language
4. The art belongs to the people.

  web camera: http://www.etv.ee/otse

Art’s Birthday Party
is a celebration in memory of Robert Filliou who declared, on 17 January 1963, that Art had been born exactly 1,000,000 years ago when someone dropped a dry sponge into a pail of water. Ten years later he celebrated Art’s 1,000,010th birthday at the Neue Galerie, Aachen. After Filliou’s death in 1987, some artists began to celebrate Art’s Birthday with mail art, fax and slow scan TV events in the spirit of

Taavi Kerikmäe is one of the brightest keyboard players and one of the most inventive initiators of multifarious musical projects in Estonia. Kerikmäe has studied at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, and furthered his training at the Lyon Conservatoire. A versatile improviser, a devout practitioner and researcher of Electro-Acoustic Music himself, Kerikmäe has collaborated with many of the best experimental musicians in Europe – and has introduced several of them to the Estonian public over the past years. As of late, Taavi Kerikmäe teaches modern music and improvisation at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre.

his concept of “The Eternal Network” or “La Fźte permanente”. Filliou”s invention of Art’s Birthday is wonderfully absurd and humorous in the typical Fluxus tradition of serious fun. So the global birthday party for art has always tried to be fun while paying homage to Robert Filliou’s dream of The Eternal Network.

For this international event, the EBU Ars Acustica Group has designed a way to organize the contents and contributions under the idea of sound “gifts”. Two main points in Vienna and Stockholm will collect them on isdn-lines or via the internet and feed the two EBU satellite channels.
The theme for EBU Art’s Birthday 2009 is “Safe and Sound”. In a rapidly changing and increasingly unforeseeable world, safety has become a major concern on many levels of public and private life. Governments, institutions and individuals are deploying extreme efforts in order to protect themselves from any kind of threat – presumed or real, manmade or natural.
At the same time, the growing social, economic and spiritual insecurity has fostered a widespread quest for “safe havens” that can re-anchor the individual and provide it with a sense of belonging and homeliness. Such havens – natural or cultural – tend to be protected and preserved with the utmost verve.
Sound plays a major role for the perception and communication of both, safety and insecurity: A mother’s voice can reassure or warn her child; acoustic signals such as bells, horns or sirens, can convey alarm and/or protection; familiar acoustic environments can deliver tranquility and relief, while their disappearance can be profoundly

Mart Soo, a much sought-after guitarist and estimated music teacher, has performed free improvisation and jazz for nearly two decades – in diverse bands and one-off line-ups, on different continents, on stages big and small. It is hard to even imagine a musical context that could catch this man completely off-guard.

Andres Noormets, an accomplished actor and theatre director, is perfectly at home with different forms of wordsmithery. Never averse to vocal improvisation, Noormets has oftentimes performed in the company of guitarist Mart Soo and keyboardist Taavi Kerikmäe. Theirs is an intriguing and masterly trio: working with a rich instrumental palette as well as the timbres and rhythms of speech, playing on words and playing with sounds, they mix the abstract with the concrete – creating new meanings, remaking and remodelling old ones.