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The Sign of Love

«Love is a hawk
flying above your
For the hawk you
are its green
meadow that it
never leaves
without a prey.
The hawk knows
your cliffs,
sand-drifts and
and you are
to the hawk.»

Paulo Coelho,
The Alchemist



dramatury in microstructures
of sound




The Sign Of Love
(excerpts 1-3)

Performed by the
Estonian National Symphony Orchestra,
conductor Olari Elts

40kbps mono

40kbps mono

40kbps mono


The Sign Of Love participates
at UNESCO's International Rostrum of Composers 2003
in Vienna.



"On the cover of the score I had a bird's feather drawn, by an artist friend of mine. It appeared to me that a sign could be something that one sees falling down from somewhere - a feather, a message of sorts. A feather can be used also for writing, but the feather that is gliding to the ground has to be caught. One should not pass it by.
I strove to introduce into this piece the sensation of combustion, or rather - a constant glow. As one of my friends admitted, listening to this music he saw in his mind's eye a huge fireball that was partially aglow and partly burning bright and sparking.
Nothing takes fire of its own accord; there are prerequisites for flames to burst out.
Formally, the composition is divided into three parts and its two culminations are located at the points of the golden section. The first culmination is the more powerful in regard to dynamic, textural and orchestration details; the other one is more of an emotional nature. Between the culminations there is space for several songs or conversations - this, I think, is what the solos of various instruments might be called. I did not want these to be the customary instruments playing in their customary range, therefore I selected the flugelhorn, soprano saxophone, piccolo and oboe.
The composition's finale fades away in a capful of wind.» .
Tõnu Kõrvits


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