sounds and their words

In Estonian



dramatury in microstructures
of sound


.Selected works:


Eldorado for symphony orchestra (2002)

The Songs From Thule for flute and piano (2002)

Wildflofer for oboe and piano (2002)

The Sign of Love for symphony orchestra (2002)

Wildflofer for oboe and piano (2002)

Longer than Thousand Summers for solo flute and chamber orchestra (2000)

The Spring (La Source) for alto-saxophone and vibraphone (2000)

Afterglow for string quintet and harpsichord (2000)

The Stream for alto saxophone and vibraphone (2000)

Halo for three electric guitars (1999)

The Assignaytion for saxophone quartet (1999)

Moon and Sea for voice and guitar (1998)

The Detached Bridge for for saxophone quartet and chamber orchestra (1998)

To My Spiritual Brother for alto flute and guitar (1996)

3 Psalms for voice and piano (1996)

Two Preludes for guitar (1995)

Symphony (1994)

A Long-Lasting Farewell for guitar and piano (1993)

Short pieces for two guitars (1991)



The Sign Of Love participates
at UNESCO’s International Rostrum of Composers 2003
in Vienna.



“The Sign of Love exhibited an astonishingly filigreed orchestral design in which exotic-flavoured melodies and delicate sound textures were held in fine balance. A technically accomplished work, graceful and fresh in imagery” .
Evi Arujärv, (Postimees, 10 April 2002)


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