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ďMade of Hot GlassĒ


evolution of every single sound,
from its moment
of birth to the
eventual evanescence.


For Tatjana Kozlova, timbre and the interfusion of different tone-colours are the essentials of musical creation. She delights in following closely and at great length the evolution of every single sound, from its moment of birth to the eventual evanescence.

Kozlova was born in 1977 in Kaliningrad. She grew up in Narva where she learned the piano in childrenís music school and on top of that studied composition privately for three years. She also composed the occasional piece of sentimental music. On graduation from secondary school in 1995, Kozlova entered Tallinnís Georg Ots Music School and specialised in music theory. She studied composition with Toivo Tulev. In 1999 she continued her training at the Estonian Academy of Music, first in Jaan Ršštsís composition class and subsequently, up to now, with Helena Tulve. This year Tatjana Kozlova will obtain her bachelorís degree from the Estonian Academy of Music and proceed to her masterís program at same.
In 2002 Kozlova attended Michael Jarellís mastercourse in Szombathely, Hungary. In the same year she took part in the Estonian Academy of Musicís young composers contest and came first with the composition Clouds of Sand, written for the NYYD Ensemble. Also in 2002, from January to March, she furthered her knowledge of electronic music with Andrea Szigetvar at Budapestís Franz Liszt Music Academy. Between November 2003 and March 2004, Kozlova continued her training with Fabio Nieder at the Giuseppe Tartini Conservatory in Trieste.

Her piece Made of Hot Glass for chamber orchestra is presented by Estonian Radio at the UNESCOís International Rostrum of Composers in Paris in 2004 in the category of composers under 30.





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