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..Northwest Bow



Northwest Bow




Loodekaar was
by the Nyyd
Ensemble in the
spring of 1998.
The same year,
on November 15,
it was premièred
at Niguliste Church
in Tallinn,
conducted by
Olari Elts.

Jüri Reinvere

Born in Tallinn,
on December 2,

...The primary idea:
The primary idea of the composition feeds on the interconnection of innovation and tradition, on the friction between permanence and mutation, on the interaction of contradictory images and ideas. The music as a whole as well as all its constituent elements are subjected to change – or stability – in different ways and to varying degrees, thus creating polar opposites out of multifarious combinations. Harmony-wise, modality and the twelve-tone system alternate in sinusoidal oscillation, guiding the musical matter in turns into contradictory and symbiotic relationships. Other parallel processes in the music are subject to the same principle. All compositional nodi function as both disjoiners and conjoiners. On the grander scale, the leading issue is the dynamic of gradual transformations; on the smaller plane, the interrelationship between conservative and non-conservative sound-worlds. A number of musical situations proceeding from modal principles of harmonic organisation suggest the idea of homage to French composer Maurice Durufle, in whose music I sense the covert relationship between conservatism and innovation manifest itself in a most poetic form.


Jüri Reinvere's «Loodekaar» (Northwest Bow) was voted as the best composition in the category of under-30 composers at the International Composers' Rostrum 2000 in Amsterdam



Jüri Reinvere: The Estonian expression «loodekaar» bespeaks the people’s connection with nature. The word is sometimes used to signify the north-western sky. In our latitude the north-western sky is the focal point of the light and cool of summer nights, of the sunset, and the scene where the interplay of different types of clouds conjures a bow out of contrasting images on the canopy of the heavens. In my imagination the expression connects also with the image of the lonely churches that confront the sea on the western coast of the Baltic where the shimmering air and the low-pitched northwestern light, replete with sea reflections, render the sacred buildings particularly luminous.


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