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.Selected works

Reyah hadas ´ala for male voices and ancient music instruments (2005, text by Shalom Shabazi)

Lendajad for amplified flutes (2005)
[ C (fl. picc./ fl. basso) & fl. in C (fl. picc./ fl. in G]

ligne d´horizon for ensemble (2005)
[ 1-1-1-0/ 0-0-0-0/ pno-arpa-mandolino-guit.-1batt./ 1-1-1-1]

lumineux/opaque new version for clarinet, cello, piano and 3 wine glasses (2004)

chamber-opera It Is Getting So Dark (2003/04, text by Sei Shōnagon)
[14 female voices & ensemble: flauto-corno-vla-cb.-arpa-batt.]

il neige for harpsichord and kannel (2004)

nec ros, nec pluvia… for string quartet (2004)

effleurements, éclatements… for guitar and percussion (2003)

abysses for flute and ensemble (2003)
[fl.picc./in C/alto/basso-fl.picc./in C/alto-ob.-fag.- ]

lijnen for soprano and ensemble (2003)
[fl.-cl.-ob.-fag.-corno-vln.-vla- vc.-cb.]

delta soundscape for tape (2003)

Vie secrète for chamber choir (2002)

lumineux / opaque for violin, cello, piano and 3 wine glasses (2002)

Valvaja  for oboe solo (2002)

Cendres for ensemble (2001
[fl.-cl.-vln.-vc.-cb.-2 batt.-2 pn.]

Traces for ensemble (2001

Vertige for piano (2000)

Ithaque for female voice, violin
and piano (2000)

Sula (Thawing) for orchestra (1999, comissioned by the NYYD Festival)
[3-3-3-3/ 4-3-3-0/ 5 batt./ 1 pn./ 1 arpa/ 16-14-12-10-8/ didgeridoo]

Passage secret for two clarinets (1999)

Sans titre for harpsichord (1999, comissioned by the NYYD Festival for Jukka Tiensuu)

Sinine (Blue) for chamber ensemble (1998, comissioned by the NYYD Ensemble)
[ 1-1-1-1/ 1-1-1-0/ 1 batt./ 1pn./ 1-1-1-1-1]

à travers for chamber ensemble (1998, comissioned by the NYYD Ensemble)
[ 1-1-1-1/ 1-0-1-0/ 1 batt./ 1-1-1-1-1]

Öö (Night) for saxophone quartet (1997, for Stockholm Saxophone Quartet, premiere at the NYYD Festival '97)

Sõnajalad (Ferns) for voice and piano with words by Karl Ristikivi (1994)

Saar (Island) for violin and clarinet (1993)

Exodus for chamber choir (1992/93)

Lethe for chamber ensemble (1991, fl., ob., cl., pn., vc.)

Phainomenon for piano, percussions and tape (1989/90)


Helena Tulve's orchestral composition Sula won the International Rostrum of Composers in Paris in 2004.



She studied the Gregorian chant and traditional music at the Paris National Higher Conservatory of Music and Dance.


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